A Note from Our President

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At SouthDesk, we have a program specifically designed for ambitious real estate advisors ready to level-up.

Our Real Estate program includes:

Strategic Analysis and Training: We thoroughly analyze your current processes and provide tailored training to your designated remote assistant at SouthDesk. From integrating properties into your CRM system to crafting monthly newsletters and overseeing deal pipelines, our team is committed to supporting your success.
Customized Call Lists and Scripts: We create targeted call lists based on your preferred area and ideal customer profile (ICP), along with proven conversational openings to maximize your outreach efforts. Say goodbye to guesswork… and say hello to best practices.
Comprehensive Support Services: We handle all the administrative hassles – from recruiting and payroll to human resources management and IT support. We even establish key performance indicators (KPIs), allowing you to focus on what you do best: closing deals.

Your contribution:

Trust: Open to our gameplan, our support, and our proven processes.
Dedicated Effort: Make a minimum of 100 cold calls per week and diligently follow our outreach best practices to guide your conversations.
Active Communication: Stay engaged with our team for meetings and follow-ups to ensure true collaboration.

The SouthDesk Guarantee

Your investment of $3,000 per month demonstrates your dedication to growing your real estate practice. Whether you choose to engage in our program just once or on an ongoing basis, if you fulfill your commitment by making at least 100 cold calls per week, adhering to our proven processes, and maintaining open communication with our team, we guarantee you’ll sign a new listing each month. In the rare event that you don’t secure a new listing in any month, we’ll refund your $3,000 investment for that month – no questions asked.

Sound fair to you?

If we seem like a good fit, please join the waitlist. As your opportunity opens, we will be sure to be in touch.

Rob Henry